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We are off to Louisville, Kentucky in April!! You can follow our progress on this page.

Wacky Wobots

High Praise

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The success of the robotics team is getting noted by a wide range of people.

We have recently received gifts from Sharon Kemp the leader of RMBC.

Also Justine Greening MP (former education secretary) has sent words of encouragement to the team and the positive effect this can have in the future:

I was really interested to hear about the success of Our Lady and St Joseph Primary School in Rotherham and it is great to hear that they have reached the World Finals of the 2018 VEX Robotics Championships. Getting more children to code is crucial and it is also encouraging that young people - including a girl in the winning team -  are now being inspired to get involved in science and engineering."

Finishing Touches

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The robotics team have been busy putting the finishing touches to their coding program that will drive the robot autonomously.

They would also like to thank Cogs Agency for the generous donation and for spreading the word about their success.

More thank yous to John Greaves at Rotherham Libraries; Lorna Pedley from Clifton Park Museum, Barbara from Elsecar Cricket Club; Jill Shirt and James McLaughlin from Rotherham Mayor's office; and last but not least Jane Carrie from Rotherham tourist information Centre. All their time and donations will help make this a great experience for the children.

Testing the grip on the Wacky Wobots Wobot!

Almost there!

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The Wacky Wobots team have been working hard at their programming skills  to allow the robot to score as high as possible on the automated round. This involves coding using a language called RobotC. This is then downloaded to the Robot to control it.

The fund raising has also been boosted from a couple of  generous donations one  by a local company. RWB Utilities Ltd based in Wath  and also from St Joseph's Parish Wath. These will go a long way to help send the team across the Atlantic.

Getting Closer

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The Wacky Wobots team would like to thank 2 locally based manufacturing businesses for their generous donations. Both Aesseal and Gripple Automation have very kindly donated money towards the fund raising campaign that will get the team to the World Finals in Kentucky , USA. 

Meanwhile the robotics team have been testing their Omni-directional drive-train  and their new grabber design. During these trials they created a list of adaptations and refinements needed to improve the efficiency of their robot. They will also be cominng into school over Easter to work on their programming.

Heading in the right direction!

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This week has seen 2 big steps forward. The fundraising campaign as been boosted by a very kind and generous donation from The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation. This grant will go a huge way towards reaching the finals. The team have also started to code the robot using a program called RobotC. This new program has much more capacity allowing the team to code more sophisticated algorithms.


Thank you!


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This is the Wacky Wobots team receiving their Excellence award at the regional finals.  This was the award that got them a guaranteed place at the International Finals in Kentucky, USA.

Well Done to everyone involved.

You will be able to follow their progress here as they prepare and improve their robot for this amazing journey.

Wacky Wobot's blog - our journey to Kentucky

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Welcome to Wacky Wobot's blog. Here you will be able to keep up to date with our Y6 Coding team who have been awarded the ‘Excellence Award’ which gave them a ‘golden’ ticket for the World Finals in Louisville, Kentucky USA  (28th April to 1st May 2018).