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Thank you for the memories :) 16.7.20

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Good morning F1,

Today would be the final day of your F1 journey. It's been a very challenging year, but the resilience, creativity, maturity and enthusiasm that you have shown towards your home-learning has been nothing short of phenomenal. For that, we are all super proud of you!

We are really sad that we cannot celebrate the end of the year as we normally would, but we have made you this little video, to say THANK YOU for being such a fantastic class to work with! This video has many, many pictures of our short time together and we hope that when you have finished watching it, you will have a massive smile on your face-like we did :D

The video can be found by clicking this linkThanks for the memories F1 :).MOV

Your new F2 classes are all very lucky to have you, so make sure you keep working hard and impressing everyone with how much you know!

Have a lovely summer holiday and keep safe.

Love Mrs Pegg, Miss Hornsby and Miss Jubb xxx

FS Virtual Art Gallery 15.7.20

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

It's here...our fabulous FS Virtual Art Gallery :)

This is a celebration of all of your hard work during our 'What Colour is your World?' topic. We hope you all enjoy it and celebrate just how hard you have all worked. Can you spot a piece of artwork that you have made?

We would love to hear you thoughts about it...we teachers think that it is out of this world!

You can find it by clicking this link: FS Virtual Art Gallery.mp4

Love Mrs Pegg, Mrs Machen and Mrs Hale x

Tuesday 14.7.20

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Good morning F1's on this sunny (if slightly windy) day,

How was your Monday? Did you make a self-portrait? If you did, I would love to see them! Please do email them over to me :) The F1 children that are already in school have made some lovely ones!

Today's transition activity asks you to make an 'All About Me Star'. On this star, you can add drawings or photographs of things that you really like to do, people that you love, if you have any pets, things you're looking forward to when you start F2, things you want to learn, friends that you have missed from F1...the list is endless. There are templates in the files or you can make your own. I can't wait to see your stars F1 :) 

I have made my own star for you to look at. I wonder if you can guess why I have chosen to draw a bee, Numberblock 3, Lilly the dog, a teacher and a book? They are all my FAVOURITE things!

Have a lovely Tuesday and remember to drop me an email, even if it's just to say 'hello' :D

Love Mrs Pegg x

Monday 13th July 2020

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Good Morning F1's,

I hope you managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine that has made a reappearance over the weekend!

I cannot believe that this is your last week as F1's. The resilience and capacity for learning that you have shown over this past year, particularly when school was closed, has been nothing short of amazing. You have made me all so, so proud to be your teacher! I feel a little sad that this year is almost over, but super excited to be your teacher in F2 so that we can carry on where we left off in F1! I hope that you're all excited to begin F2 :)

January 2020 Starters: Mrs. Machen and Mrs. Evans have created a new blog especially for you! It is called 'F1 New Starters' and they have put some activities on there for you to complete. Mrs Machen has already recorded a story for you to listen to and you can find it on her blog post. They are really looking forward to being your new teachers! I'm really sad that our time together was cut short but I hope that you'll give me a wave when you see me around Foundation Stage :)

As it's the last week, I have planned Transition Activities for you to complete instead of our topic learning. You will find these on the home learning grid in the folder labelled '13th July'. As always, I have recorded a video explaining this week's learning, which can be found by clicking this link: Home-learning video.MOV

The transition video can also be found here: Welcome to F2.MP4

In Maths, we're thinking about everything that we have learnt about numbers and the different ways that we can represent them :) There is a document in the files that you can use or you can create your own 'All About the Number...' poster. Thinking about numbers in this way will really help you in F2. I have completed an 'All About the Number 3' poster which I have uploaded in the files for you to see what a good one looks like!

For our last day on Thursday, I would like you to think about your time in F1. What has been your most favourite memory? What did you like doing the best? I will be sharing our memories on here, so make sure you email me with them :)

The Virtual Art Gallery will be uploaded to the blog by Wednesday and I have to say, it's looking fantastic with all of your lovely artwork! I can't wait for you to see it :)

Please keep your lovely emails coming in this last week (f1@olsj.org.uk) as I'd love to see your smiley faces and hear about what you're getting up to as it will be 6 weeks before we'll see each other again! There will also be an opportunity to collect Topic Books and Reports this week, so make sure you look out for a text/email notification.

Have a lovely Monday F1,

Love Mrs Pegg

Below are useful files and documents you can download to use at home.

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