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F1's learning so far...

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Hello F1,

As promised here are some pictures of your fabulous learning so far!

Keep it up!!

Friday Fun

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

I'm so thankful for all of your lovely emails over this past week. It really makes my heart so happy to see what you are getting up to while you are not at school. So please please keep them coming to make sure that I have a permanent smile on my face in these difficult times :)

Today's challenge was to paint a rainbow! I took advantage of the beautiful weather and painted it in my back garden. This rainbow means that I am always thinking about you and I'm missing you lots and lots! Have you created a rainbow yet?

Please keep remembering to check the blogs and files as I do update these regularly. Having received a video of someone telling the story of Brown Bear, I decided to retell that using all of the Makaton signs that we learnt to accompany the story. I didn't have the book, so I do hope I've remembered all of the animals.

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend :)

Mrs Pegg


FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Hello F1,

It’s so lovely receiving all of your emails and pictures as I’m really missing being your teacher. So, please keep them coming to f1@olsj.org.uk

I’ve attempted a challenge from our Foundation Bingo today...I’ve practiced my scissor skills and made a very happy shape monster! Can you see what shapes I have used? Which challenges have you done so far?

As I receive photographs through emails, I will upload them here as I know that you’ll all be missing your friends and it’s nice to be able to see what they are doing while you are at home. 

Keep washing your hands the way we practiced!

Mrs Pegg

Sunny Wednesday

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Hello F1,

I’m really happy to say that the sun has got his hat on and come out to play this week :)

Thank you for all your lovely emails and pictures.  I love reading what you all get up to while we are not at school. I feel very proud to be your teacher!

Please keep emailing me as I’m missing you all so much. Just a reminder, our email is f1@olsj.org.uk

Here are a few pictures of what F1 have been up to these past few days...

Stay safe and look after yourselves

Mrs Pegg

P.S-I’ve added a Story to the files underneath the blog. I hope you all like it :)

Lilly's Home Learning

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: FS1 Home Learning Blog

Hello F1,

Mrs Pegg is trying to teach me some of the sounds that she said that you have learnt in school :) I think it's going well, but I'm not sure I like the word she has chosen for me to read! Me and Mrs Pegg are looking forward to seeing what you get up to whilst you are at home!

Oh and Mrs Pegg has asked me to tell you that she has uploaded 'Foundation Bingo' to the files below this blog. These are some activities that you can try at home and have lots of fun doing them too! We'll be doing some of them at our home too and sharing photographs of us doing them.

Stay safe everyone!

Love Lilly and Mrs Pegg :) 

Below are useful files and documents you can download to use at home.

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