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We hope that this blog will help us get to know you and your child before they start with us in September.

Below you will also find useful files and documents you can download to use at home.

FS1 Starters

Incy Wincy Spider (4.8.2020)

FS1 Starters (fs1starters) on: FS1 Starters

I hope you're all having a lovely summer holiday.

Today I've set you a challenge from our classroom that may you like to do at home.

When you come to school in September, we will be learning and singing lot's of nursery rhymes. In our classroom at the minute, we have a spider called Incy. He is on our carpet table. He helps us to sing his song, do you know it? In the video below, sing it with me and then see if you can make your very own Incy Wincy Spider! 

Incy Wincy Spider.MOV

Incy Wincy Spider song sheet (SB10810) - SparkleBox | Nursery ...

Our outside classroom (15.7.20)

FS1 Starters (fs1starters) on: FS1 Starters

Did you know that we have an outdoor classroom? 

We have a large outdoor area in Foundation Stage which helps us learn in lots of different ways. Sometimes we show our creativity in the mudkitchen making scrumptious mud cakes and pies. Sometimes we practise our balancing on the climbing frame, or we make our own obstacle courses using construction materials. We make art in the shed, we make home in the woodcutters lodge and we ride bikes on the racetrack. 

My favourite thing to do outside is to go on adventures. We sometimes go on bear hunts, or we sometimes become pirates and hunt for treasure. No matter the weather, there is always lot's of fun and learning to be had. But, if we need a little break from the weather, it is always good to listen to a story in our treehouse. Here is your next story video from Mrs Machen doing just that. 

Mrs Machen reads My Pet Star.MOV

Would you like to play in our kitchen? (14.7.20)

FS1 Starters (fs1starters) on: FS1 Starters

We are enjoying meeting some of you on our socially distant tours of the classroom. Nearly every child who has come to visit us so far has enjoyed spending time exploring our kitchen and cooking up something delicious for us eat. To help you remember our kitchen area, or if you've not been to visit and you would like to see it, we've read you a story from the kitchen. The video link is just here and it will be in the parent files below if you'd like to watch it another time. 

Mrs Machen reads Supertato.MOV

I wonder, do any of you have any peas in your freezer? Keep watch, you don't want an escapee roaming about your house! 

Hello! (13.7.20)

FS1 Starters (fs1starters) on: FS1 Starters

This post is specially for the children who are in the new F1 class in September. 

Hello F1 :) My name is Mrs Machen and I am going to be one of your teachers. 

I thought to start with I'd make you a video so you can see me and some of our classroom. I have also read you a story. 

Mrs Machen says hello! and reads A Clever Creature.MOV

Grown ups - I will add this video to the parent files below so even if this blog post gets replaced with another one, this is where you will find it. Simply click on the link 'FS1 Starters' at the bottom of this page and it opens all the files we upload to the blog.

I hope you all enjoyed the story, we will add some more for you soon.

Love Mrs Machen

Welcome to Foundation 1 (10.7.20)

FS1 Starters (fs1starters) on: FS1 Starters

This is a new blog page on our website specially for all children who are starting the Foundation Stage 1 class in September. Here you will find some information about our class and classroom, and a selection of short videos the children can watch over the summer holidays to help them feel familiar with our school environment. 

We start with an introductory video for all parents and guardians, introducing our school and your child's class teachers. Please click the following link to watch:

Welcome to F1

If you have any questions, please do email us. We have a new email address specifically for your enquiries FS1starters@olsj.org.uk

As we said in our video, our priority right now is to help ease your child's start to F1 as much as possible. We would really appreciate it if you could complete the following questionnaire about your child. We would like to know what their favourite things are, so we can make sure we have these to hand and the indoor and outdoor classrooms are as familiar to them as much as they can possibly be. 

F1 Child Questionnaire.docx

When returning the questionnaire, over email, please could you attach a photo of your child. This will help all members of staff in F1 know your child's name before they start. Please email the questionnaire to FS1starters@olsj.org.uk, along with the photo.

Finally, there are still spaces to book a socially distance tour of the classroom (Monday 13th July, Tuesday 14th July and Wednesday 15th July). Please contact us if you would like your child and one adult to visit the F1 classroom.

We will post on here again soon with some story videos and challenges for your child to complete over the next few weeks on the lead up to starting school. 

From Mrs Machen and Mrs Evans

Below are useful files and documents you can download to use at home.

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