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FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: FS2 Home Learning Blog

As I'm sure lot's of you are aware, there are now plenty of storytime videos for you to watch. If you haven't seen them yet, just scroll to the bottom of this blog and click the FS2 link which opens up the folder. There you should see video downloads of different stories that members of staff are reading at home, just for you. There are plenty to choose from, and do go explore other year group blogs, Miss Pegg has some stories in F1 home learning blog that I'm sure you'll enjoy. 

One of your story books this week has been 'Harry in a Hurry.' In this story, Harry the hare has to stop rushing about. He has to stay home, and rest, and eat. He has to slow down and just go for a walk. His life is normally really busy and he's forgotten about how important all the little things in life are. We don't know about you, but for us, our life this week has definitely slowed down a little. We can sit in our living rooms and realise how comfy our chair is. We are eating some delicious food because we've got some more time to spend in the kitchen making it. We are going for local walks with no other plan. We hope your life is like that too. Why don't you talk to your mum or dad about Harry the hare, and about what you like about your home and life this week. 

So as we sign off for the weekend, may we all just appreciate how cosy our home is, how delicious the food we eat and how beautiful the world is all around us. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Love Mrs Machen and Mrs Hale

Harry in a Hurry: Amazon.co.uk: Timothy Knapman, Gemma Merino ...

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Busy little home learners!

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: FS2 Home Learning Blog

And so the emails keep coming in. Lot's of you have said how you've been enjoying seeing pictures of all your friends so we've tried to upload as many as we can. We've got Freddie, Elsa and Thomas showing us their number work, Joseph has been out and about learning about trees and plants, Grace and Sophia have been planting their sunflower seeds and Arlo has been painting rocks he found on his walk. 


We also need a very special mention for Eddie, can you all in your loudest voices, wish him a very Happy Birthday F2 style. Join us sing, after 3, 1... 2... 3...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Eddie, Happy Birthday to you.

May the Good Lord bless you, may the good Lord bless you, may the good Lord bless Eddie, may the good Lord bless you.

Hip a hip hip hooray, Hip a hip hip hooray, hip a hip hip hooray to Eddie, hip a hip hip hooray.

Claps - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! 


We hope you heard that Eddie! Love everyone in F2 xx

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Hello F2

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: FS2 Home Learning Blog

Hello Foundation 2

I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine! 

Mrs Machen and myself have been working on home learning activities for next week. These will be on here from next Monday morning.

I have been busy getting my own children's home learning set up and planning activities for outside. Thank you for the emails. It is important to stay in contact as much as possible.


Mrs Hale x

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What a fantastic start!

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: FS2 Home Learning Blog

Here is just a small collection of photos we've had coming in showing us your fabulous home learning. 

I know lot's of you have been doing PE, trying out Joe Wicks workout and relaxing with Cosmic Kids Yoga. Arlo and George have been busy baking, Betty and Elsa have been constructing with lego, Libby has been out on her walk and spotted some beautiful flowers. Lot's of you have been showing us your fantastic sentences and number sentences and it is great to see you engaging with RWInc, sound videos and reading your books.


I've seen some lovely paintings of rainbows too among the photos you've been sending. The rainbow is our sign of hope. Hope that everyone keeps smiling in this tricky time. We don't need your rainbows to make us smile though F2, your photos are brightening up our days so please keep them coming. 

Love Mrs Machen and Mrs Hale

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Bedtime Story

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: FS2 Home Learning Blog

Happy Tuesday F2. 

Firstly, a big thank you to all those children who are already sending us photos of their learning. It is lovely to see you exercising, planting and writing! We will share your photos on here later in the week. 

Today, we have a bedtime treat for you. Our lovely Mrs Evans has read a story with her dog Pep. She has read Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. If you go to the bottom of this blog page there is a parent folder and there you will see a video download. Click and enjoy.

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