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What's on the menu?

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Throughout this term children have learned about food and nutrition.

Children celebrated this learning by designing their own healthy picnic lunch using all food groups in the eatwell plate.

Once children had designed their lunch, we then made the lunch using fresh ingredients.  

Children made their own bread, blueberry muffins and fruit smoothie lollies.  They then made their own sandwiches with the bread they had baked and enjoyed with a filling of their choice.

We had a lovely picnic afternoon and the food they made was delicious.

Well done year 1!

The Great Year 1 Bake Off

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 had a fantastic time putting their baking skills to the test today.

Combining healthy eating and baking we made delicious blueberry muffins.

Children had to use the skills they head learned in this terms topic to mix, stir, beat, add and pour ingredients.

Children worked as a team to produce their fabulous muffins and we can't wait to taste them in our picnic celebration on Thursday.


What’s on the menu?

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Children have had a great first week back learning about their new topic ‘What’s on the menu’.

We have learned about the five main groups and what they do for our bodies.

Children really enjoyed trying all the food groups the most!

Next week children will have a go at making their own healthy meal using the eatwell plate as a guide.

The three trees

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

This weeks outdoor Thursday was inspired by the story of 'The three trees'.

Children recreated the story through stick pictures and collage and made their own boat out of wood they had drilled themselves.

Children also worked as a team to carry a heavy log from one side of the field to the other and thought about how Jesus may have struggled carrying his wooden cross on his own.

Children also made their own crosses and person they loved out of clay and sticks.

We finished our day with a hot chocolate and a home made bun from Mrs Nicholson :-) 


Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

This week Year 1 have been learning about multiplication, building from arrays and on to multiplication sentences.

Taking our maths into the outdoors, children were tasked in matching up with their matching array or related number statement.

The children had lots of fun securing their learning in this way.

Well done Year 1.

Equal Groups

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Today we developed our knowledge of multiplication and in particular 'making 'equal groups' . On the playground we arranged ourselves into different groups to match the number sentence.

Gardens , bees and outdoor fun

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 have had an action packed week this week.

Starting with a visit to Wentworth Walled Gardens, the children had a great time spotting things we had been learning about in our topic. We walked through the woodlands, dared to walk through the dark cave and even spotted a few deer! Children were very excited to point out flowers and trees we had learned about.

Later in the week we had a visit from real life beekeepers where we learned all about honey bees. We even learned how to do the waggle dance which was lots of fun.

Our week was rounded off with some outdoor learning time where we brought Lent into the ourdoors by making lentern crosses with sticks and string.

Year 1 the botanists

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

 This week Year 1 have been learning all about plants and what it means to be a botanist.

We have studied famous botanists such as Beatrix Potter and Charles Darwin and have studied plants the way they would have.

We sketched plants and used water colours to enhance our pictures in the style of Beatrix Potter. We then scientifically drew plants and labeled their parts just as Charles Darwin would have!

We have had a great start to our new topic and are excited to learn more in the weeks to come.

Making fairy houses, fossils and dens.

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Another great afternoon in our outdoor classroom.

This week children created their own fossils out of clay and leaves, created their own small world and made their own freestanding wooden structure (that was until the wind blew it down!).

We even had our hot chocolate delivered to us this week, thank you Mrs Nicholson :-) 

A cold and frosty outdoor day

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

It was an extra cold outdoor Friday today and we enjoyed our hot chocolate more than ever today!

We still had a great time making our own structure from twigs, our own fossils from clay and we even made our own fairy garden in Year 1's outdoor area!