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A poppy inspired WOW board!

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This week KS1's Assembly was all about Remembrance Day. Children watched the CBeebies video and chose to remember in their topic lessons by creating poppies, however they wanted to. 

CBeebies Remembrance Video

Is there room on a broom for me?

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We've loved our last story focus of Julia Donaldson's Room on a Broom. In our topic lessons, some children chose to complete these tasks. 

Let the children come

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In Come and See this week, we have been learning about how Jesus asked the children to come to him. Jesus is part of God's family, as are we. So we listened to a song called 'let the children come' and drew pictures of ourselves. We gathered around a picture of Jesus and looked at each other's drawings. 

How does a plant grow?

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We planted cress seeds and made observations during the week about how the cress was growing. We learnt about the life cycle of a plant and used a rubric to help us complete a science diagram. We then enjoyed eating cress sandwiches!

As part of our learning about plants, some of us planted daffodil bulbs in our garden area. 

Come and join the circle...

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...come and share God's word with me. We had a lovely end to our Come and See topic today. We gathered together, we read a psalm about God's love, and we all said what we were thankful for. Lot's of us were thankful for our families. I am thankful for a lovely class :) 

Our woodland inspired topic lessons!

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Here are just a few examples of what we get up to during our topic lessons.

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark woods.

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Inspired by the Gruffalo we've enjoyed learning all about the woods. We can name the layers of the forest and the different types of trees. We've thought about different woodland habitats and enjoyed listening to Julia Donaldson's woodland inspired stories. We walked to the woods, looked at the forest canopy above us, we explored the forest floor and listened to the Gruffalo's Child.

A habitat classroom tree!

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Some Year 1 this week have taken charge of making our classroom tree a home for the animals. Brodie and Ruby Jo have spent many a lunch time collecting folliage for decoration. George and Jenson enjoyed adding model animals in the tree. 

Where in the tree would the animal shelter live?

Have you made a suitable habitat for the animals?

Our outdoor area is open!

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And we all got a little muddy! The mud kitchen proved to be a big hit. Buddy gardeners Amy, Noah, Cereza and Maxx found potatoes in our planters that the previously Year 1 planted last year. Suddenly, everyone was involved in finding potatoes and washing them. Would anyone like to take them for home for tea? 


Super proud of you Year 1!

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That was a lovely Gospel Assembly, you all spoke clearly and remembered your parts so well. I couldn't help think how grown up you all looked. I hope your families all agree. You are definitely nearly ready for Year 2!