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Making fairy houses, fossils and dens.

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Another great afternoon in our outdoor classroom.

This week children created their own fossils out of clay and leaves, created their own small world and made their own freestanding wooden structure (that was until the wind blew it down!).

We even had our hot chocolate delivered to us this week, thank you Mrs Nicholson :-) 

A cold and frosty outdoor day

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

It was an extra cold outdoor Friday today and we enjoyed our hot chocolate more than ever today!

We still had a great time making our own structure from twigs, our own fossils from clay and we even made our own fairy garden in Year 1's outdoor area!

Building outdoors

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Another fantastic afternoon building dens in year 1's outdoor Friday.

This week team 3 had a go at building a waterproof den with success! Not satisfied with one den however, team 3 decided to make another den just out of sticks showing great teamwork and building skills.

Unfortunately the sticks den did not quite work in keeping them dry. 

Well done team 3, great problem solving skills.

Outdoor Friday

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

It was a cold outdoor day today but that did not deter year 1 in their secon week of den building.

This week it was team 2s turn to have a go at building a suitable waterproof den and they did a great job.  The chiildren also added an extra feature this week which was to add twigs to the top to help camoflage the den. What a great idea!

Again the children enjoyed their hot chocolate under the cover of the den and survived the waterproof challenge, phew.

Well done team 2 and good luck to the third and final team next week.

Outdoor Friday den building

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 had great fun today in our outdoor afternoon.

Some of our children put their problem solving skills to the test by making a waterproof den.  First children collected large branches from our forrest area and along with tarpaulin and rope the children had to work out how to errect a den.

After lots of deliberation, the children managed to successfully make the den and even enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate under the shelter.

The final test was to pour water onto the den to check its suitability as waterproof.  The children were relieved to discover it was in fact waterproof.

Well done team 1, good luck team 2 next week.

Year 1 wacky races

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 children tested the cars they had made yesterday with their very own wacky races.

Children raced their cars against each other in a knock out race until there was only 7 left in a final race in which the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners were anounced.

The cars were tested on stability, speed and their overall suitability as a toy car.

Well done Harry, James and Oscar-Finlay for having the top three cars.

Two digit numbers

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 have been representing 2 digit numbers using a progression of manipulatives this week. They have moved from the concrete to pictorial. 

Making our own car

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 turned in to toy makers today by starting to make their own toy cars.

We designed our cars last week thinking about what tools and equipment we needed and what we wanted our cars to look like.

Today we built the main structure using wheels, axels and the base unit.

Tomorrow we will be putting our finishing touches on our cars before sending our end products off to santa!

Festive outdoor Friday

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1's outdoor Friday had a festive feel to it today with children making christmas decorations for our stall at winter wonderland.

Children worked really hard making decorations out of sticks and craft materials.

They look great and we can't wait for you to see them

Terrific tracks

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Year 1 turned detective on Friday and went on a hunt to find animal tracks in the outdoors.  Although we did not find many, the most spotted tracks were dometic cat prints.  

We then made our own animal tracks using our information sheets and sticks.