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Lots of fun had in year 1 today!

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What a fun packed day year 1 had today! Dancing on the hour to raise money for NSPCC, making music in outdoor Friday and meeting many creatures and animals with the lion learners.

A great day was had by all.


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Year 1 have been creating number lines using different manipulatives. They worked together to make numbers to 20 by recognising the teen numbers as "ten and...."

Outdoor Friday fun

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

The children have had a great time in our weekly outdoor Friday. We had lots of activities to choose from, here are a few pictures from our morning.

Outdoor Friday Chalk Creations!

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Balloons, jet packs and butterflies! 

Monet's Magical Garden

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Inspired by our beautiful collection of Impressionist stories, Year 1 have been inspired mostly by Monet and his garden this week. We have been using new acrylic paints and flat paintbrushes to try and create our own impressionist effects. We've also been doing a spot of gardening.


Degas Figure Drawing

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

We read the story of Degas' 'Little Dancer' and all of us experienced how hard it was to be a model today. The concentration and stillness in the classroom was amazing, and has never been achieved before! We have been learning how to draw a figure in proportion, combining our skills to produce beautiful pastel ballerina drawings. They will be on display in our Art exhibition coming soon.

Let's talk about art!

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What a brilliant start we've had to our new creative topic. We're all trying to follow a rubric that tells us what we should be looking for when we study a piece of artwork. Ollie, Noah, Amy and Cereza shared their ideas today when we looked at Degas paintings. I'm looking forward to hearing about what art you've found for your homework this week. 

Reusing our plastic waste!

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We're getting creative this week in Year 1 and trying to think of different ways we can reuse plastic containers. So far Bella's come up with a creature catcher, Roni made a spoon with a creative handle, Zachary made a monster candy dispenser and Brodie made a water timer. She challenged her classmates to see how many star jumps they could do until the water trickled through. Oliver is in the lead at 11 so far but watch this space. 


Can Peter Rabbit teach us how to be sorry?

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Today, we started our brand new Come and See topic which is all about 'Being Sorry'. We looked at the Tale of Peter Rabbit and Year 1 were very good at pointing out what Peter Rabbit should be sorry for. He helped us think about things we should be sorry for, we wrote it down and painted our hands as a symbol of shaking our hands to make up for the things we've done. 

A royal wedding inspired Outdoor Friday!

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1's Blog

Today we had lots of fun acting out the royal wedding, making tissue paper flowers and nature inspired wedding hats, icing wedding buns, and taking part in a fancy dress obstacle race.