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Forest School

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Your children were fabulous today when we had our first Forest School session! 

They embraced the ethos of Forest School, following rules for health, safety and enjoyment :)  They loved spending time around the school grounds, exploring places they hadn't had access to before.  All staff thought the children behaved brilliantly, treating the natural surroundings with respect and showing kindness to each other.

What a great day!

Outdoor Friday: Barefoot Trail

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What an amazing experience we had today!

We were learning about animal tracks and the different kinds of surfaces that leave the best tracks.  The children were excited to begin the Barefoot Trail that we had set up so that they could experience the sensations of different outdoor terrains such as mud, sand, leaves and gravel.  At the end of the trail they tested out their own tracks, leaving muddy footprints behind on pieces of paper.  Many of the children rushed straight back to the beginning of the trail to try it out again!

I had such fun with the children and really enjoyed listening to their enthusiasm and seeing their smiling faces.  Well done Y1 and Y2!


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Y2 pupils were visited by Cathy from the AMRC this week. She brought with her some Marty bots. The children enjoyed getting to know Marty and learning about how he moves.

Gospel assembly

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Year 2 led the school in a wonderful Gospel assembly that discussed how love grows and spreads the more it is passed around. How can you be a more loving person and bring more joy to those you love?

KS1 Visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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What an amazing day it was, today!

As part of our learning around the topic of "On Safari" we went on a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Prior to the visit, we had plotted a route around the park, using a map to highlight three sections that contained the most African animals. We are already familiar with a variety of African animals but we wanted to learn more about their particular needs, focusing on what their habitat is like and what they eat. We practised identifying whether each animal we saw was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. We paid particular attention to the lions as our entitlement this half term is to meet a Big Cat. We spent time sketching a male lion, practicing the skills we had learnt during our re-drafting RUBRIC as part of our topic work.

It was an extremely windy day and we are immensely proud of how the children coped with the challenging weather. I was very impressed with how many lines of inquiry we were able to follow due to the amount of interest shown by the children and the quality of questions that they asked.

The LemursMagnificent Beast:  A Male Lion Sketching the lionLemurs

Meerkat mongoose

Well done Y2 and all of KS1!

Gospel Assembly

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Year 2 came together beautifully to deliver their Gospel message this afternoon! Thank you very much to all of our visitors who came to support the children.

KS1s Outdoor Friday!

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For the second week running Outdoor Friday has proved a success for Key Stage 1! We've spent an enjoyable hour exploring all the activities on the field, playground and in Year 1s outdoor area. We made oceans in bottles, decorative foil fish, went on a bug hunt, challenged ourselves in obstacle races and parachute games and enjoyed lots of other activities. What shall we do outside next week?


Outdoor Friday

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Year 2 visited Foundation Stage today and had lots of fun!

Outdoor Friday

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Year 2 visited the Foundation Stage playground today and had lots of fun!

Feast of St Joseph

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We celebrated the feast of our patron saint with the help of Father Evangelist.