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Winter Wonderland

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We hosted our annual Winter Wonderland this evening. Our creative children and the friends of our school produced some amazing merchandise to sell.

Thank you to everyone who could spare some time to support our children's creativity.


Ash Wednesday

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Children in Year 2 learned about the meaning of Ash Wednesday including the symbolism of the ashes and the cross.  Mrs Waller held a small liturgy in the classroom where children were invited to accept the administration of a cross on their forehead using the ashes brought back from church by our KS2 children.  They shared ideas about how to be the best version of themselves and thought about the struggles that Jesus had endured during His 40 days and nights in the desert.

Y2's Gospel Assembly: Be a light in the darkness

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Year 2 are really proud of themselves after presenting their Gospel to the school and their parents.

We have placed the lamp up high in our RE display so that it continues to remind us all that we should try to shine our light for all to see.  The children are highly praised for displaying acts of goodness during the school day, whether it be helping each other to tidy up and organise themselves in the classroom, or by being kind to others at play-times.

Miss Dyson and Mrs Waller thank all parents for turning up and showing their support.  It really means a lot to the children to see so many familiar faces encouraging them.  We thank all children who who bravely stood up and performed their lines and sung to the audience.

Well done Year 2!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2's Blog

OLSJ hosted our annual Winter Wonderland with the help of our fantastic PTA. The event celebrates our children's creativity, as products they have made themselves are sold.

The attendance was fantastic and there were smiles all round. Some children even reported a Santa sighting! Thank you to everyone who organised and attended to make the evening such a magical occasion!

Walking to School

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Have you ever been on a Treasure Hunt?

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2's Blog

Year 2 had an amazing morning on Tuesday when they worked as teams to bring home gems on a hunt to find buried treasure!

It all began when Daisy discovered a 'grog' bottle in the sink at the back of the classroom!  On closer inspection, it seemed that 'Jim Lad' (from The Pirates Next Door) had sent us a message with instructions on how to follow the trail on a treasure map left.  If successful, we would have a glorious booty of treasure to share!  Team by team, we brought back 5 large gems - the keys to open the chest.  It had been hard work following the trail -  into the willow, past the vegetable patch, in between the trees, across to the logs until finally they reached the "X marks the spot"!

Most children anticipated what treasure might be waiting for them, drawing pictures of chests overflowing with jewels, coins and other delightful things.  After the hunt, children excitedly wrote back to Jim Lad detailing how they were able to follow the trail and find the treasure.  Some of their work, along with photographs of the hunt, are up on the display in class now.

Well done Year 2!

Thank you Year 1 for helping us find the treasure :)