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Year 5's Blog

Our winter park

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

We are starting to make a replica of the Winter Olympics park!

Winter Olympics!

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

The classroom is all set for our new topic, can you guess what it is?!

Creative Homework

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

This half term, Year 5 have produced some outstanding creative homework for our World War One topic. Here are a few examples.

Robotics Competition

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

In preparation for  their qualifying tournament in February, the Robotics teams from Year 5 and 6 took part in a mini competition at Wath C of E.

The idea is to test their robots against other teams in order for them to learn what they need to improve or change before next time.The robots score points by collecting, moving and releasing  the coloured hoops.

Although only for fun, the OLASJ teams came 1st and 3rd. Well done! 

Winter Wonderland

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

We hosted our annual Winter Wonderland this evening. Our creative children and the friends of our school produced some amazing merchandise to sell.

Thank you to everyone who could spare some time to support our children's creativity.


Our Visit to St Marie's Cathedral

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Trench Research Lesson

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

Today, Year 5 researched all about the trenches in WW1. We found out some interesting facts to help us with our scrapbooks!

Medieval Day

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

This morning Year 5 & 6 enjoyed a medieval experience to finish of their 1066 topic. They took part in 4 different events. See below: These included Trying their hand at Archery. Defeating their opponent in a jousting contest. Dancing to traditional music and toasting and feasting marshmallows by the fire.

Staying healthy

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

As part of our healthy eating curriculum, we also encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Because of all the delicious foods we've been eating all week, we knew we needed some physical activity to make use of the energy stores we had built up. Thankfully, Mrs Speight was on hand to lead a fantastically fun, yet challenging, circuit. The circuit worked our entire bodies and so made good use of our energy stores.

This is shaping up to be a tough one!

Year 5 (Year 5) on: Year 5's Blog

Our CHIPS challenge over the last two weeks has been frustratingly addictive. We tried to make use of our shape, perimeter and area knowledge along with resources but for a time it looked like the challenge was simply a trick question. Until, showing resilience, one by one people around the room started to figure the problem out. Do you think you have what it takes to make it in Year Five? Try this problem out for yourself!