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Winter Wonderland

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We hosted our annual Winter Wonderland this evening. Our creative children and the friends of our school produced some amazing merchandise to sell.

Thank you to everyone who could spare some time to support our children's creativity.

WW1 Art!

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Today, we took all of our reasearch and artistic experiments and techniques and began our final piece of artwork for our topic. Check back next week to see how they turned out!

Preparing for next half term

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Teachers and pupils worked together to make sure our classroom is ready for our next topic of World War One. Great teamwork everyone!

A Medieval Afternoon

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To celebrate the hard work and fantastic outcomes produced this half term, we hosted a Medieval afternoon. We had a medieval feast featuring bread, sausages, cheese, pears and wine (blackcurrant squash) where Mr Shillaw and Mrs Reed served us our meals and called us Lord and Ladies while we took turn being the jester; We tried to hit the bullseye in archery with Mr Speight; Mr Gouldin hosted a jousting competition where we saw balance and patience pay off; and finally we danced in medieval fashion with Mrs Whelan. A superb afternoon with fun and smiles all around, A superb end to a great first half term!

Using our knowledge.

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Using the knowledge we gained from Conisbrough castle and the research we had accrued throughout the topic, we set out to produce one of our end of topic outcomes today. Earlier in the week, we had attempted a first draft, which we thought were brilliant until we watch a video called 'Austin's butterfly'. The video showed us the importance of redrafting and listening to our partner's feedback. We also assessed ourselves against our rubric at the drafting and the completed stage to show if we'd made improvements. This all led to these incredible, informative booklets. 

Have you ever been to a real life castle?

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Having a fantastic site like Conisbrough Castle on our doorstep is invaluable. Especially when we are studying medieval realms and the castles. To further our learning, and to see first-hand what we've been studying for the last five weeks, we visited Conisbrough castle. While we were there, we sketched the ruins of the bailey, imagined what the castle would have looked like using a over head plan, spotted key aspects of what makes up a castle and looked at the artefact timeline in the museum. We also took part in the 'Tales of the Keep' workshop and explored the ancient castle from the inside! A spectacular day that will influence our ongoing topic work! 

Is Wath town centre busier on a Market day then a non Market day?

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Year 4 have been investigating this question. To do this we had to visit the town centre on both a market day and a non Market day. 

We then began pedestrian counts in lots of different locations. This data was then turned into a diagram to find the final answer.

Wath Town Hall

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Year 4 visited Wath Town Hall on Tuesday. They had a guided tour of the building, grounds and cellar, which contains the remains of buildings built long before the Town Hall was. They then sketched the building from outside

Attack of the Robots

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Year 4 were invaded by robots this afternoon. After meeting a robotic dog, we learned how to program our robots.

We then programmed the robot to move and even have a light show at the same time. 


Clay Statues and symbols

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 have been busy making perculiar looking shapes and statues from clay.

The meaning of these statues and shapes will be explained in their gospel assembly on Monday