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Is Wath town centre busier on a Market day then a non Market day?

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 have been investigating this question. To do this we had to visit the town centre on both a market day and a non Market day. 

We then began pedestrian counts in lots of different locations. This data was then turned into a diagram to find the final answer.

Wath Town Hall

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 visited Wath Town Hall on Tuesday. They had a guided tour of the building, grounds and cellar, which contains the remains of buildings built long before the Town Hall was. They then sketched the building from outside

Attack of the Robots

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 were invaded by robots this afternoon. After meeting a robotic dog, we learned how to program our robots.

We then programmed the robot to move and even have a light show at the same time. 


Clay Statues and symbols

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 have been busy making perculiar looking shapes and statues from clay.

The meaning of these statues and shapes will be explained in their gospel assembly on Monday

Afternoon Tea

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

A great time was had by all yesterday. It was great to see everyone work together to produce hundreds of savoury and sweet snacks. 

Perfect Pizzas

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Today Year 4 made individual pizzas to suit their own taste. They chose and prepared their own toppings from cheese, ham, cheese, pepperoni, tomato, peppers and sweetcorn. Once they had mastered the cheese grater, the pizzas went in the oven before been thoroughly enjoyed. They also produced some detailed instructions for future reference.

Terrific Tasty Toasties

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 increased their savoury repertoire this afternoon by making toasted sandwiches.  All the groups showed great independence to make their own tasty treats with whichever ingredients they preferred. 

The groups also collaborated to write up instructions on the laptops and inserted photos to help make them easier to follow.

The next Masterchefs???

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 began cooking this week by creating some lovely Welsh Rare-bit.Almost everyone loved it and said it was delicious and easy to make.

Eco Residential

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 have just returned from their overnight stay as Kingswood (Dearne Valley). The centre was formerly The Earth Centre and in line with this environmental mission the children cycled there along the Trans Pennine Trail.

After lunch, the next task was to make their own beds. A great learning experience for some!

Next up was the first activity : Orienteering.

The next activity required a head for heights and overcoming fears on the High Ropes.

Finally to end a busy day after dinner,we sang songs, told jokes and solved riddles around the campfire.

After a good night's sleep and breakfast we developed our sense of trust by guiding each other along courses blindfolded.

After a quick snack it was time for Aeroball (Basketball on trampolines) and Laser Tag.

All that remained now was to cycle home.

Well done Everyone!

Can you use chopsticks?

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