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Forest school

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Today, Year Four had their first Forest School session of the year! We gathered around the fire pit area and had a delicious hot chocolate.

Paper weaving

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We found out that the lines going up are called the warp and the lines going across are called the weft. We made tartan out of coloured card that we chose ourselves.

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Y4 Gospel

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The Gospel asembly was about everyone knowing that everyone’s the same and important because they are loved by God.

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Researcing with ICT

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We researched our new Scottish topic using our Popple app which allowed us to collect and organise our thoughts. We focussed on geography, traditions, folklore, history and Celtic heritage. 

Attractive fish

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basing their colours on real life examples Y4 painted their clay fish to make them bright and interesting. We also started looking at creating 3D looking bubbles to accompany our fish in our topic books.

Translating to the outdoors

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Year Four translated to the yard today to make the most of our glorious weather. We used the number square as a graph to plot and translate coordinates before using this knowledge in our numeracy books.

Colour sensing

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We pushed our robotic skills even further today. After coding our crossing river game on scratch, we brought the code to life using our VEX robotics. We coded a colour sensor to tell our robot to stop before entering the blue river. Many teams were successful!

Year Four Forest school

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This morning Year Four embraces the outdoors in our first Forest School session. We took part in leaf gathering, stick lashing, fire building and marshmallow roasting! What a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Acting the part

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In today's literacy lesson, we wore our thespian caps as we worked in teams to re-enact our story mountain. Fantastic interpretation and group discussions led a class wide double houspoint of Creativity and Teamwork!

Picnic by the river

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Year 4 had a picnic by the River Dearne this afternoon. They also carried out field work to measure the size of the river and noted the plants and wildlife around it.