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Acting the part

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

In today's literacy lesson, we wore our thespian caps as we worked in teams to re-enact our story mountain. Fantastic interpretation and group discussions led a class wide double houspoint of Creativity and Teamwork!

Picnic by the river

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 4 had a picnic by the River Dearne this afternoon. They also carried out field work to measure the size of the river and noted the plants and wildlife around it.

Pop- Up Sweet Shop!

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

The Pop-Up Sweet Stall was a huge success. Thank you to all KS2 children and staff for producing delicious treats to sell. The process allowed many of our children the chance to see the enterprise side of the sweet shop, calculating cost and selling price to ensure a sale but still making a profit.

Remember, eat sweets in moderation and always clean your teeth at least twice a day!

Brilliant booklets

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Inspired by the beautiful work of Y5, we attempted our own explanation booklets today.

We edited an explanation for earlier in the term using our new explanation knowledge, added a spoonful of creativity and produced these impressive booklets. We even impressed Mrs McLaughlin with the care and pride we had in our work. Well done Year 4!

Flaptastic Flapstacks

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

As part of their Charlie and the Chololate Factory topic, Year 4 have created and made the 'Flapstack' . This unique creation is a chocolate covered stack of flapjacks. On sale tomorrow from 3:15! hurry while stocks last!

A sport filled afternoon

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Year 6 and Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon of various sports in the week's sunny finish. We saw great teamwork between the children and great fun was had by all!

VEX challenges

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Building on the success of last week's coding, Year 4 were able to take on other challenges. Some of us tackled the cone challenge from last week. Others moved onto the perimeter challenge. Both challenges required us to work as a team, use our maths knowledge and debug.

Maths in the sun

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Making the most of the glorious weather we took our maths lesson outside this morning. We used cones to create arrays and explored the link between these arrays and finding a shapes area.

Inspired robotics

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Inspired by our Y6 world finalist team, Y4 started experimenting with the VEX robots today. It proved quite tricky getting them to go where we wanted, giving us a new appreciation for the achievements of the Wacky Wobots.

We are scientists

Year 4 (Year 4) on: Year 4's Blog

Using a selection of equipment we designed and carried out our own investigations. Some of investigated the effect of temperature on skittles, others investigated whether sour and regular skittles lose their colours at different rates. Some intriguing, independent investigations!