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Welcome to the Foundation Stage One Blog

Keep an eye on this blog to find out what we have been learning about this half term.

Below you will also find the timetable and homework for this week.

F1 Class Blog

What does a builder use? (29.09.22)

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: F1 Class Blog

For our learning this week, we have been singing Peter Hammers and hammering nails into wooden blocks. We have also been singing Humpty Dumpty which inspired us to find ways to keep Humpty Dumpty safe. The children enjoyed wrapping eggs in different materials to see if they would keep Humpty safe when he fell off the wall - none of our materials kept Humpty safe. He broke everytime! 


Finally, we have enjoyed using the apparatus in the school hall for our learning about balancing during our PE lesson. 


If you'd like a little more detail of our learning this week, this has been our timetable F1 Timetable - Autumn 1 Week 4.pdf. Any questions, please email f1@olsj.org.uk 

Catching the last of the summer sunshine (22.09.22)

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: F1 Class Blog

We've been making the most of the lovely outdoor weather over the last week with plenty of exploration around our outdoor environments. Outdoor Friday helped us learn about our trees, we went on a tree hunt, we made oak leaf prints and even used our trees as painting easels. We have been spending plenty of time in our potion kitchen concocting flower soups and petal cakes. We have enjoyed making new friends and playing together.  


Here is our timetable from this week for your information: F1 Timetable - Autumn 1 Week 3.pdf 

Can you build a house? (15.09.22)

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: F1 Class Blog

To summarise our week of learning, I am quoting one of Foundation's favourite stories:

"Little Pig, little pig, let me come in", "not by the hair on your chinny chin chin," "then I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down!"

We've been storying telling the Three Little Pigs all week, learning how to build sturdy houses for the little pigs and the wolf to play in. We've been learning how to paint little pigs too. 


Here is our timetable we've followed this week which may give you a little information to your child's learning: F1 Timetable - Autumn 1 Week 2.pdf. Any questions, please email f1@olsj.org.uk 

Our first Outdoor Friday (09.09.22)

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: F1 Class Blog

We read the story The Little Green Hen and talked about what we need to do to look after our hens. We went on a walk up to the allotment to see Rosie and Higgley who are our school chickens. We fed them pellets and worms, we topped up their water, we collected their eggs and we had fun rolling about in the mud near their coop. We had hot chocolate and biscuits in the fire circle for snack. 


Our first week (09.09.22)

FS 1 (Foundation 1) on: F1 Class Blog

We have never had so many smiles on our first week in F1. We have some super settled children, happily exploring and playing in their new learning environments. We had some pesky baby squirrels join us during the week, the children learnt quickly to stay away from them and have very sensibly ignored them (where possible!) F1 were great for Miss Allen for their very first PE lesson in the school hall on Thursday. Seeing as the children have been so good, we decided to take them to a special remembrance assembly for Queen Elizabeth on Friday morning. They sat beautifully and very much enjoyed watching the Queen and Paddington Bear clip on the screen. To attend an assembly in their first week in Foundation 1 is just amazing, I am already a proud teacher. 


Below are the timetable and homework for this week.

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