Our Staff

Headteacher Mrs McLaughlin

Head of School Mrs Evans   Foundation Stage, KS1 and RWInc Lead

Year 6 Mrs Janvier Deputy Head, Key Stage 2 Literacy, Music and RE Lead 

Year 5 Miss Allen  Science and Stem Lead

Year 4 Miss Barker History Lead

Year 3 Mr Shillaw IT Lead

Year 2 Miss Dyson Key Stage 1 Literacy and Art Lead

Year 1 Miss Johnson DT Lead

Foundation 2  Mrs Hale and Mrs Machen

Foundation 1 Mrs Pegg   Sendco  Early Maths Lead

Mr Gouldin Maths and Geography Lead

Mrs Speight PE Lead 

Classroom Assistant  Foundation:  Mrs Shore Mrs Nichloson Miss Hornsby Miss Jubb  

                                  Key Stage 1:  Mrs Hadfield  Mrs Olding  Mrs Waller Mrs Deakin

                                  Key Stage 2:  Mrs McMurdo Miss Duffy Mrs Senior Mrs Booth Mrs Barber Mrs Concannon

Office Staff Mrs Swallow and Mrs Roberts

Caretaker   Mr Lloyd

Dinner Staff  Mrs Law  Mrs Chuck  Mrs Hadfield  Mrs Hattersley

Breakfast Club Staff  Mrs Hadfield Miss Hornsby Mrs Law  Mrs Chuck Mrs Mace