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Health and Exercise

Welcome to Our Health and Exercise Blog

Keep an eye on this blog for health and exercise ideas and activities.

Health and Exercise

Commonwealth Games Challenge

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Many of our KS2 children took part in the below Common Wealth Games PB challenges at lunch time . Perhaps you could try some at home during the holidays!

What makes a healthy lunchbox?

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Whether you are packing your lunch for a school visit or you regularly have a packed lunch for your dinner here is some useful information from the NHS. .

A Fitness Activity you can do as a family

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Try Kidz Bop Dance Along, a video playlist by the makers of Kidz Bop with plenty of family-friendly dances to popular songs.

For younger children, try relaxing together with this yoga for toddlers video.

Spring into Action

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Anything that gets kids up and moving is good for them. Daily physical activity can help children  improve cardio respiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions  along with improving well being.

So let's moving together.

Click here for a fun family workout.

Avengers Training Academy Spider Man Workout

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

If you enjoyed the last Avengers workout why not try this Spider man influenced workout. 


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We know how important it is to look after our mental health and wellbeing for both adults and children and there are many extra stresses and strains on everybody at the moment. These links will take you to resources and online services that can support you and your child.







Home Fitness

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Why not get active this weekend and feel like a superhero! Try this 5 minute workout together and keep you and your child active and entertained.

Cooking Together

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Involving your children in the cooking can be a really good way to encourage them to think about the food they eat, where it comes from and how to make some healthy choices. The BBC Good Food Website has some great recipes. Why not try making a Sloppy Joe this week? Click here for the recipe.

Snowy Day Exercise

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Are you ready for a snow day? Here are a few ideas to keep active in the winter.

Blow bubbles! Chase them and watch them freeze in the air if it’s below 0 outside

Build a city of snow sand castles using snow, shovels and buckets

Follow the leader: snow version. Tell everyone to see if they can try to step exactly in the footsteps, to make it look like only one person has walked through the snow.

Have a wintertime scavenger hunt.

Try skipping in the snow.

Try doing a cartwheel  in the snow.

Go on a winter morning family hike.

After all that exercise you will deserve a Hot Chocolate.

How much exercise should my child do?

Mrs Evans (FoundsKS1) on: Health and Exercise

Research indicates that inactive children are likely to become inactive adults, putting young people at risk of developing life-threatening conditions. This is why it's important to encourage exercise and keeping fit from a young age but how much exercise does your child need? Follow this link to find out exactly how much is recommended.

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