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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One Blog

Keep an eye on this blog to find out what we have been learning about this half term.
Below you will also find the timetable and homework for this week.

Year 1 Class Blog

Week 6 - 6.12.21

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Hello children and grown-ups of Year 1.

Here is our learning timetable for week 6: Timetable - W1 - 6.12.21.docx  

I can't believe we only have 2 more weeks left of this term! Children have made so much progress this term and I am super proud of them all :-)

Next week we will be working on 'The Nativity Story' in literacy by retelling the story and focusing on shape in our maths.  Our topic for the rest of the term will focus on art and we also have some baking next week for our stall in Wednesdays Winter Wonderland.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Miss Johnson and the Y1 team xx

Homework week 5 - 3.12.21

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Good evening children and grown-ups of Year 1.

This week for homework children will be coming home with sounds they have learned this week as well as red words they need to know by the end of year 1.  Red words are words that are difficult to sound out using phonetical kmowledge and therefore children need to learn to know these by sight. I would like children to practice all their sounds from this week everyday, this should take them no longer than 5 - 10 minutes and will really help their reading development.  I have also uploaded to our files under 'homework' so that you can still access these if they are lost or damaged. 

Yellow group homework - 3.12.21.docx

Orange group homework - 3.12.21.docx

Purple - group homework - 3.12.21.docx

Group A-C - group homework - 3.12.21.docx

Red words 3.12.21.docx

If you are unsure which reading group your child is in just let me know.

This week we have been so busy practicing our production we have not taken many photos, but here are some pictures of our fun in the snow this week:

Lots of love

Miss Johnson  and the Y1 team xx

Christmas Production 2021 - 1.12.21

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Good evening children and grown-ups of Year 1.

Children have been practicing their songs, dance and kazoos for the Christmas production this week.  It is sounding great already.  It would be great if they could continue to practice their songs at home.  Here is the music to practice the songs to:

01 Mary's Baby.mp3

02 The Song Without Words.mp3

03 DancingTrees.mp3

06 Sparkling Snowmen.mp3

07 Glittering Stars.mp3

08 Baby King (2).mp3

09 Finale- Mary's Baby (to new words).mp3

Children have been sent home with words for the songs today, however if these are missplaced you can access the words to the songs here: Songs Y1.pptx

In school, we awalys try to provide any costumes needed however I do need children to bring with with them plain black leggings or jogging bottoms to wear underneath/with costumes if possible.  If this could be in school from Monday 6th December we will send back home once all the filming has taken place.  You may also want to provide your child has a long sleeve white top to wear underneath their costumes as we are filming outside which can be quite cold.

Any problems or questions please don not hesitate in contacting me on our class email y1@olsj.org.uk 


Miss Johnson xx

Advent - 30.11.21

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Dear children and grown-ups of Y1.

During the next three weeks, your child will bring an advent bag home. This will hold a candle and a prayer. On the day the bag comes home, you and your child can watch our special Advent video which you can access by clinking on this link: The Christmas Story.MOV

It would be wonderful if you could take this small opportunity to spent time sharing the Christmas Story.

You can also share this PowerPoint and prayer at home: Advent.pptx

Lots of love

Miss Johnson x

Week 5 and homework - 29.11.21

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Good morning children and grown-ups of Year 1.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

Here is our learning timetable for week 5: Timetable - W1 - 29.11.21.docx

Our week is quite varied this week with lots of preperations for the Christmas production and the Christmas winter wonderland fair.  As well as this we will be finishing off our first learning block of addition and subtraction and our retelling of the story 'The way back home'.  In topic this week we will be finishing off our learning about the world and then we will start and work on on our art creating paintings using tints.

For homework this week, as well as reading their school books at least 3 times at home, I would like children to access these links:






Lots of love

Miss Johnson xx

Below are the timetable and homework for this week.

 Year 1
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