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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One Blog

Keep an eye on this blog to find out what we have been learning about this half term.
Below you will also find the timetable and homework for this week.

Year 1 Class Blog

Home reading – you can make a difference this half-term! (Homework for the school holidays) 26.5.22

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Home reading – you can make a difference this half-term!

Dear parents/ carers of Year 1,

Your child has made super progress in their reading this year.

Let’s keep them reading this half-term for maximum success in the Phonics Screening Check next week.

Watch Virtual Classroom films

Below are the links to: 

Set 2 and/or Set 3 reading films to practise reading specific sounds and words.











Pinny Time films to practise reading sounds speedily






'Special Friends, Fred Talk' films for practice reading a range of new words






 The plan

  • Set aside 10 minutes to watch films with your child each day.
  • Find a quiet space for your child to watch the film on a laptop or tablet.
  • Praise your child as they join in with the lesson.

Practise using My Sets 2 and 3 Speed Sounds Book

Your child has a My Sets 2 and 3 Speed Sounds Book to practise reading sounds and words at home. There are instructions in the inside cover of the book.

See how quickly your child can read each of the sounds.

Ask them to read the words using Fred Talk.

 Listen to your child read every day

You will find Read Write Inc. Storybooks in their book bag and in the class eBook Library for your child to read to you.

Link for eBook: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/login?active-tab=students

Username: y1@olsj.org.uk

Password: olsjyear1

Choose a quiet time when they are wide awake.

Help your child to:

  • read the sounds and words at the front of the book, before they read the story
  • sound out any new words as they read the story.

Read back each page to them, after they have read it.

If the child has enjoyed the story, encourage them to read it again on the next day to increase their fluency.

Most importantly...do it all with patience and love.

Your support matters.

Thank you

Miss Johnson

Week 5 - 23.5.22

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Here is our learning timetable for week 5: Timetable - W5 - WC 23.5.22.docx

This last weeks timetable looks slightly different as we have a huge focus on phonics with it being children's last week to practice in school before the statutory phonics screening check in their first week back after the holidays.  Therefore, there will be no literacy in our last week.

In addition, Monday and Tuesday will have a topic focus with Monday focusing on DT and making our recycled items and Tuesday having a musical focus and us composing our own music.

On Friday, we will be celebrating the Queen's jubilee by wearing red, white and blue, special activities and picnic lunch (outside weather permitting or in the hall).  We also have another special activity on this day which will involve children showcasing their individual talents. 

We also have our very first open day for KS1 parents since before covid first struck and we are super excited for you to come in and look around your childs classroom and look at their work.  This starts at 2pm and children can go home with you after this. I am looking forward to welcoming you all :-) 

I can't quite believe we have only 7 weeks left together in Y1! 

If you have any questions about next week or the statutory phonics screening assessment or if you just want to share some news, please contact me on our class email y1@olsj.org.uk 

Lots of love

Miss Johnson, Miss Jubb and Miss Hornsby xx

Homework WK4 - 19.5.22

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Good afternoon children and grown-ups of Year 1

As well as continuing to access their phonics screening preparation pack, please see additional homework below.

There has been a temporary change to teaching groups this week due to Y2 SATS taking place therefore I have added the colour book children are reading at the side of the teacher so that you can identify the links to access.  Some children have accessed double sounds this week, please could your child practice at least 4 of these at home.

Miss Hornsby (Blue and Yellow)

e-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/EH6FKgoa/vyLQLiOg

aw: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/CugywIZy/6KEK8SPI

u-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/KP3v0Nfu/S18c9Xbv

ue: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/lOHaBv1B/Jv6shW26

au: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/CfXrQ9Mg/VXflRrXf

are: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/bmH3g7gq/J2mGmdX3

ai: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/2jgT90GQ/aExiseK1

ear: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/RAz8Cjxu/kyjlsh7M

Mrs Pegg (Red)

oy:  https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/cRpV2bNd/4rPevDRB

ar:  https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/FZihyncU/wASy87so 

ai:  https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/YdCimp83/uXMd4QWr

ir:  https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/Mu7IRNyI/ssjzGrI4

Miss Johnson (Orange)

ai: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/2jgT90GQ/aExiseK1

a-e:  https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/QEE0xlz5/kXLEuwAD

o-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/0YrTTNcC/IiAAbHDh

ire: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/wmnjWrTc/JCQyjOcU

ear: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/RAz8Cjxu/kyjlsh7M

oa: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/4Zp69AOq/nPSudwYO

ew: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/sNseJSzi/3YYAVlMa

aw: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/CugywIZy/6KEK8SPI

Miss Jubb (blending)

ng: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/cFAnLD3w/7ZU6fqSR

nk: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/jficPrpd/6jLofJxH

sh: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/uWwts6TW/Z7e75zgr

qu: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/cNjV8kqg/RZBNAdmh

Please could all children practice reading words by watching these videos and joining in with the reading:





Miss Johnson x

Week 4 - 16.5.22

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Hello children and grown-ups of Year 1.

Here is our learning timetable for next week: Timetable - W4 - WC 16.5.22.docx

Next week we will be finishing off our guided writing of 'Wombat goes Walkabout' before having a go at writing our own version independently.  In maths we are continuing with addition and subtraction and in music we are moving on to composing our own music.

In our design and technology we will be making the last finishing touches to our design before making our products the week after, look out for a list of what recycled items they will need to bring for their design!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Miss Johnson, Miss Jubb and Miss Hornsby xx

Homework week 3 - 12.5.22

Year 1 (Year 1) on: Year 1 Class Blog

Good afternoon children and grown-ups of Year 1.

Here is our sounds for homework this week, please complete your sounds for your group as well as the practice words and your phonics screening pack sent home last week.  Thank you so much to the parents who have shared their childen's phonics home learning with me, it is lovely to see :-) 

Miss Hornsby

nk: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/DfdQIPQu/ZduBHjDh

ng: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/wqYOY3C7/fV9a3Tkn

qu: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/ZjjJOMNl/6MTh1ANt

ch: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/Rl1oM5Oe/LSlYN9aq  

Mrs Pegg

oy: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/7Q35Ajti/jxzrPnJo

ou: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/OqH72OoC/2926PJyv

ir: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/OqH72OoC/2926PJyv

air: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/rx20bksg/r096pFSE  

Mrs Deakin

a-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/tY4xdAEu/DHLcRmQv

i-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/OuAYPGrt/EPyayuCO

o-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/5wPexf0o/DM67c6pe

u-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/5pB2KiU6/uBhraTSM

Miss Johnson

aw: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/fyayPoR7/emCRkp8L

ew: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/VZNiyTt0/9gTMucaG

are: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/oI1kFMQZ/BdnyCWxA

o-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/6tf1fwBg/rrQHm7y1

Miss Castleton

ue: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/GtTmXWcA/sbZcT85g

ie: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/7VyDyPA0/StvO7vAw

au: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/y7uxUC0v/HpaAtIU8

e-e: https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/FRg3yEYI/o10bH9zY

Please could all children practice these alien words containing the sounds; kn, ph, wh and ck:









 If you would like any additional phonics work for home, please contact me on our class email y1@olsj.org.uk


Miss Johnson x

Below are the timetable and homework for this week.

 Year 1
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