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Year 2

Welcome to the Year Two Blog

Keep an eye on this blog to find out what we have been learning about this half term.
Below you will also find the timetable and homework for this week.

Year 2 Class Blog

Homework 3.12.21

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2 Class Blog

Happy Friday Year 2, and families of Year 2!

Thank you to all children that took part in the story-writing competition.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them all and it was very difficult to choose a winner!

After much consideration I was able to choose 1 winner and 2 runners-up:

1st place:  Pearl's story:  "The Lost Sheep" (Prize - Emily Gravett book of your choice).

What I liked most of all, Pearl, was your careful choices of vocabulary such as: "...a distant world of Candy Cane Land," and "...forest of ferocious tigers.".

2nd place: Lydia's story:  The Snowy Mountain (Prize - select an item from our prizes bookshelf in class)

I love how you drew upon lots of ideas that we had explored in class such as onomatopoeia and jealousy:  "Boom! Pop! Twinkle!"

3rd place:  Grace's story:  Grace Lulu's Worry (Prize - select an item from our prizes bookshelf in class)

I loved the way you explored how it feels to worry and have the support of your family to help you deal with those emotions.


Well done, everyone!  You are all truly amazing, and I am so grateful for the time you took to write these stories.

Please continue to read at least 3 times per week.

Visit Numbots, TT Rockstars and Sumdog and play for about 5-10 minutes each.


Thanks for your support everyone.

Miss Dyson


Monday 29th November 2021

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2 Class Blog

Good morning, Y2 and families of Y2!

This week we will be celebrating the completion of our stories in literacy, illustrating book covers and reading our stories to each other.  There will be an opportunity for children to 'purchase' a classmate's story as we continue to learn about the value of money in maths.  I wonder whose story your child will choose to bring home...

In topic work we will be creating a background for our chalk polar bears using a combination of tints and shades.  I can't wait to see how the finished pieces look!  We will also be filming practise scenes of our Nativity Music Production ready for the real thing.  We have many bits of costumes in school but there may be one or two things that you can help with at home if you are able to.  We will always let you know what these things are as soon as we can.

I class we have an Advent wreath and over the next three weeks we will be inviting children to take home an Advent bag. This has a candle, a peg doll baby Jesus and a prayer inside. On the day the bag comes home, you and your child can watch our special Advent video which will be in the parent files below and called ‘The Nativity’. It would be wonderful if you could take this small opportunity to spend time sharing the Christmas Story.

The timetable is quite changeable this week due to fitting production opportunities in where we can.  The maths can be followed daily through these links to the usual White Rose videos:

Aut2.10.4 - Select money on Vimeo

Aut2.10.5 - Make the same amount on Vimeo

Aut2.11.1 - Compare money on Vimeo

Aut2.11.2 - Find the total on Vimeo

Aut2.11.3 - Find the difference on Vimeo

Email me on y2@olsj.org.uk with any questions or concerns.

Miss Dyson


Friday 25th November - Homework

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2 Class Blog

Good morning Y2, and grown-ups of Y2.

I hope that you have all had a lovely week and that you have something fantastic planned for the weekend.

Your homework this week includes a very special competition that I thought the children would like:


Emily Gravett is one of our favourite authors in Year 2 and she speaks about her inspiration for writing her book 'Tidy' in this short video:


Please find your own inspiration for a story and write it over the course of the weekend and next week.  It can be about anything at all but I would like to hear how you were inspired to write about your characters and events.  Entries should be in by Thursday of next week so that I can choose a winner on Friday.  The winner will have the Freedom to choose from a selection of Emily Gravett's books which I will purchase for you to keep.

Good luck!

Other homework is as it always is - reading 3 times per week (returning books chosen from the classroom promptly) and visiting the maths websites that we suggest every week..

Thank you!

Miss Dyson


Monday 21st November 2021

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2 Class Blog

Welcome to week 4 of Explorers

I can't believe it's that time of the year again - Nativity Time!

Children will start to come home with lines over the next few days.  Please do practise as regularly as you can, making sure that your child is confident at speaking without needing prompting.  Ensure they speak clearly with a loud voice.  Help them to speak with expression and with good posture, standing tall and smart.

Here's our timetable for this week.

Could I just take this opportunity to remind you that Show and Tell is something that we do on an adhoc basis, depending on how much 'spare' time we have.  I try my best to allow time for achievements to be shared, as well as homework and special items that children have done at home.  However, it will not always be possible to allow children to share things as much as we would love to do.

Please email y2@olsj.org.uk if you have any question, concerns or news.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Dyson, Mrs Waller, Mrs Deakin, Mrs Lambert and Miss Castleton


Homework - Friday 19th November 2021

Year 2 (Year 2) on: Year 2 Class Blog

Good morning everyone

Thank you to everyone who attempted the Explorers quiz.  I will be handing out stickers today to children who have played.  Well done to those who had more than one go, improving their score (but more importantly their knowledge of key areas of learning).  Thank you!

All children's home-reading has been checked this week.  

Please may I politely remind you that children should have a book-bag that they bring into school everyday (some children have been given one this week - this is to protect our books which we have invested lots of money into).

Children should have their reading book in school everyday (this includes those children who choose their own books because they have completed the RWI programme).

Children should be reading at least 3 times per week at home, in order to improve fluency among other things.  Children have completed a reading assessment this week which required the children to read a lot of text and answer a wide variety of questions.  Many children would benefit from extra, regular reading at home in order to feel more confident with this.

Please also continue to login to TT Rockstars, Sumdog and Numbots as part of your child's regular numeracy practise/consolidation at home.

There is no additional homework this week.  

Thank you.

Miss  Dyson, Mrs Waller, Mrs Deakin, Mrs Lambert and Miss Castleton


Below are useful files and documents you can download to use at home.

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