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Year 3

Welcome to the Year Three Blog

Keep an eye on this blog to find out what we have been learning about this half term.
Below you will also find the timetable and homework for this week.

Year 3 Class Blog

Week beginning 25.9.23

Year 3 (Year 3) on: Year 3 Class Blog

Welcome back to week 4 team!

We've still done very well so far, plenty of special praises and Miss Illian has recognised our hard-work in the behaviour challenges she has been setting. 

This week is very exciting because:

-We are writing our own quest narrative as the sequel to Arthur and the Golden Rope.

-We are checking your knowledge of place value then moving on to our next maths topic.

-We meet Marian in our Robin Hood quest narrative.

-We'll be conducting experiments and tests in science about our Femurs and muscles.

-We will be continuing our art journey in topic and in Forest school.

-We will begin to look at castles in History.

-We have a Mass to attend on Tuesday.

Here's this week's timetable: Timetable Y3.docx

A super week that we can't wait to share with you!

Mr Shillaw and Mrs Deakin


Forest School collages

Year 3 (Year 3) on: Year 3 Class Blog

This week, in Forest School, we embraced our creativity and made some collages. We thought carefully about the colour and size of the things we collected to help creat our amazing artwork.

This can be done in any outdoor setting. Why not try it next time your out on a walk, at the park or just in your garden?

Week Commencing 11.9.23

Year 3 (Year 3) on: Year 3 Class Blog

Hello team Year 3!

What a fantastic start to our year! Mrs Deakin and I were both super impressed with your work!

Well done to our certificate and trophy winners from last week, it was a really hard decision with so much excellent work and behaviour on show in our classroom and around school.

This week we are:

-Continuing Arthur's quest. He's after the roots of the mountain now. Will he get them? Will he make the golden rope? Will he trap Fenrir? Let's find out together.

-After a great start to our place value topic, we're moving on to learning about and partitioning thousands.

-We've learnt about Marcia Williams' early life. This week we'll move onto looking at Robin Hood's front cover and the character in more detail.

-Continuing our artistic journey into portraits exploring more light and shade and use of colour.

-Finding out what William I did in response to Harold Godwinson being crowned king.

-Beginning our Come and See work on Homes and what Jesus' home was like.

This week's timetable: Timetable Y3.docx

A very busy week Y3! 

Let's have another amazing week together,

Mr Shillaw and Mrs Deakin

Welcome to Year Three! Week Commencing 4/9/23

Year 3 (Year 3) on: Year 3 Class Blog

Hello team Year Three!

Welcome to a new academic school year!

I am very excited to start our Year off this week. Here's some of the things you can look forward to:

-Beginning our Quest narratives in Literacy.

-Starting recognising and partitioning numbers in Numeracy.

-Completing Comprehension lessons with a Robin Hood Quest story.

-Beginning to look at the history of Britain and the year of the 3 Kings.

-Starting our artistic journey into portraits.

-Learning about input, processes and outputs in Computing.

Here's this week's timetable: Timetable Y3.docx

Any questions please email me at y3@olsj.org.uk (I try and get the emails replied to in school hours but especially on Wednesday mornings.)

Let's have a fantastic start to the year with an amazing first week!

Mr Shillaw and Mrs Deakin

The Week Ahead

Year 3 (Year 3) on: Year 3 Class Blog

This week,  we are looking at conditions in Victorian Mines and the role of children.

We will also finish our Rock work and hopefully complete our Clay Tile son the theme of Mining.

Year 3 will also be in charge of selling the Chocolate raffle tickets for the Good Shepherd appeal.

The timetable , links and slides are all in the folders below for anyone is isolating.

Mr Gouldin

Below are the timetable and homework for this week.

 Year 3
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