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Year 6

Welcome to the Year Six Blog

Keep an eye on this blog to find out what we have been learning about this half term.
Below you will also find the timetable and homework for this week.

Year 6 Class Blog

Week commencing 30th January

Year 6 (Year 6) on: Year 6 Class Blog

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that you are ready for a week of searching faithfully for excellence. 

Here is our timetable for this week: Week 5 timetable.docx

A reminder that Forest School will be on Thursday. Please come dressed extra-warm on this day along with a waterproof jacket as this session will be taking place outdoors.

SATs booster

A reminder that there will be no SATs booster this week.

SATs booster will continue this week on Wednesday 8th February.- this will run between 3pm - 4pm and juice and snacks will be provided. It is important that your children attend these sessions in order to provide them with extra support in preparation for their SATs. These sessions will cover aspects of the numeracy curriculum that won't be covered heavily during class numeracy lessons. 

Homework will be set from these SATs boosters and the expectation is that all children, even if they did not attend boosters, should complete this homework by the following Wednesday. If your child is struggling to complete their booster homework, a lunch time homework club will be available on Tuesday lunchtimes between 12:15 and 12:30


Children should complete 1 lesson on Bedrock and 20 questions on TT Rockstars. This homework must be completed by Friday 3rd February. If children have any issues logging in, please see me as soon as possible to get this sorted.

As usual, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email me on Y6@olsj.org.uk and I will respond as soon as I can.

Miss Harper  x

Big Garden Birdwatch

Year 6 (Year 6) on: Year 6 Class Blog

This week we have been celebrating the Big Garden Birdwatch here in Year 6. We began by taking part in a BBC live lesson 'Big School's Birdwatch' where we learnt heaps of information about the different species of birds and how they adapt to their environment. We then took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch during our Forest School session where we recorded the different types of birds we saw around our school. 

Forest School

Year 6 (Year 6) on: Year 6 Class Blog

Year 6 have been very busy in their Forest School session this week! We have been continuing our Wild Challenge set by RSPB and we have now completed 4 out of the 6 activities we need to complete in order to achieve a bronze award. 

During this week's Forest School session, the children worked as wildlife detectors and habitat explorers to identify the range of wildlife and habitats that we have living in our school grounds. We found lots of evidence of different wildlife that live around our school - we also found different habitats located around the school field. 

Once we had gathered all of our information, we then came back together to create our own Biodiversity Action Plan for OLSJ. We identified which wildlife and habitats we have plenty of around school, and which wildlife and habitats we couldn't see much evidence of around school. We then created an action plan of how we could improve our biodiversity around school through creating more habitats to attract more wildlife around our school. One area we all noticed was that we do not that many insects, slugs or snails around school; we decided that in our next Forest School session, we will create insect homes for these creates to live in. 

Here are some images of our Forest School session:

Investigating shadows

Year 6 (Year 6) on: Year 6 Class Blog

This week in Science, we have continued our learning on light by investigating how shadows are formed and what affects a shadow's size. We created our enquiry question together as a class - 'Does the distance from the light source affect the size of the shadow?'. In order to test this enquiry, children were tasked with creating their own shadow puppets in which they used to explore this question. 

We discovered that the further away from the light source, the smaller the shadow became due to a smaller area blocking the light from passing through.

Once we had explored this enquiry question, we then used our knowledge of how shadows are formed to create our own shadow puppet show for the rest of the class. 

The children were immersed in this science lesson and worked as scientists throughout. 

Y6 Wild Challenge

Year 6 (Year 6) on: Year 6 Class Blog

During Forest School last week, Year 6 began their 'Wild Challenge' by completing their first activity, Habitat Heaps. 

The Wild Challenge award is a specially developed suite of activities for schools to engage children with nature and provide practical learning opportunities. Children must complete 6 different outdoor tasks in order to achieve their bronze award.

The children used great teamwork and communication skills to ensure they created a suitable habitat heap for a range of creatures. 

Below are the timetable and homework for this week.

 Year 6
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