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Odd Socks Day!

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Foundation 2 took part in Odd Socks Day to celebrate difference. We know we are all different and special. We recognized that sometimes being different can make us sad, but we shouldn't feel this way. We decided what we should do if we ever see anyone looking sad. 

We're going on a bear hunt

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: Foundation Stage 2's Blog

What a fantastic start F2 had today inspired by their new topic. This week we're reading 'We're going on a bear hunt' and we've already started to create our own bear hunt stories! 

Oo Arrr Let's Pirate Party

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: Foundation Stage 2's Blog

To celebrate the end of our topic and learning this term, we had a pirate party. Inspired by Captain Beastlies Pirate Party story book, we made and ate our pirate food and went on a treasure hunt. We also had a good old pirate boogie too.


The Naughty Bus is back!

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: Foundation Stage 2's Blog

This week F2 have been visited by the Naughty Bus. So far, we have made a bus, queued for a bus, paid for our bus tickets and started to tell our own stories about the Naughty Bus. What a busy day we've had! 

Funky Fingers!

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It is very important to get our fingers moving in F2. If our fingers become stronger, our writing will become super! Any fine motor activities help our fingers gain strength so we can hold our pencil better. We have been weaving ribbon, making towers with cubes and tweezers and squirting water with pipettes. 

An important message in Come and See today.

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: Foundation Stage 2's Blog

F2's Come and See topic is called 'Myself'. Today, F2 were told that the most precious thing to God was hidden inside the treasure chest. Everyone in the prayer circle took turns to look inside but they weren't allowed to tell anyone what they saw. We discovered that the most precious things to God were ourselves. To finish we heard this verse by Isaiah: 

God says: You are precious to me. I love you. I know you. I know your name. I call you by your name. You are my child. 

Shapes let loose on F2!

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: Foundation Stage 2's Blog

Some children started to make some shape puppets in our workshop area this afternoon, using their mark making and cutting skills and, most importantly, their learning of 2D shapes. Can you make a shape puppet? What can you tell me about your shape puppet? 

Outdoor Snowday

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What better way to spend Outdoor Friday than exploring in the snow!!

Forest School TV

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ATTENTION, ATTENTION.... Foundation Stage now has Forest School TV!!!

The children have taken the ‘TV’ around Outdoor Friday to give you a little snapshot of them enjoying Outdoor Friday. All the photos are staged by the children and a teacher snaps away-when told to of course!

Hedgehog Friday

FS 2 (Foundation 2) on: Foundation Stage 2's Blog

Outdoor Friday had a hedgehog theme this week :) We watched a little bit of Auntie Mabel and then shared our hedgehog knowledge! We then made hedgehogs at the mud kitchen, made a den for the hedgehogs, painted hedgehogs with forks and built a bridge across the sandpit...phew!